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Electrical Safety

Toronto Hydro is committed to its customers and employees. When it comes to electricity and safety, there are many measures you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Download our Emergency Preparedness Guide.


Contact Voltage

Learn more about Toronto Hydro's contact voltage inspection program.

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Pet Safety

Learn more about how to keep your pet safe year-round.

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Safety Around the Home

Teach your family how to avoid electrical hazards around the house.

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Vault Owner Resources

Learn more about your roles and responsibilities for the inspection and maintenance of your vault.

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Storm Safety

Severe weather and other external factors can damage our equipment.

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Powerline Covers 

Learn how to stay safe when working around powerlines.

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Electric and
Magnetic Fields

Toronto Hydro complies with international guidelines set for electro magnetic fields.

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Call Before You Dig

Before starting any work in the yard, or around your house, call us for the location of underground equipment.

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