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From rush hour commutes to late-night grocery runs, we know city life can be hectic. That's why our crews work day and night to keep electricity flowing to your home and business. Please be patient and cautious while driving by our crews. They're working for you. Let's do our part for them.


The most common incidents that crews face include rear-end collisions because of distracted driving and side mirror damage. When you see our trucks on the street, take extra caution.



Slow down

Approaching a work site? Remember to watch   your speed and slow down to prevent an accident.





Focus on the road

Distracted driving is dangerous, especially for crews working around high voltage equipment on our roads. Turn down loud music, wait until you're parked to text or eat, before or after you drive. Remember to keep your eyes and ears free with both  hands on the wheel.


Share the road

Whether you're on two wheels or four, let's make room for each other on the road. If you see crews working on a city street, slow down, pay attention and stay a safe distance away from work zones.

Safety first

Respect the cones. Cones mark safe distances from dangerous equipment to keep you and our crews safe. Keep in mind that crew members standing onsite are likely there to watch for hazards.  



Road safety after dark  

Studies show an increase in traffic and pedestrian fatalities in the weeks following the fall time change, so we urge pedestrians, drivers and cyclists to pay extra attention on the road and around our crews during that time of year.

Tips to help keep you safe:

  • Wait for vehicles to make full stops before crossing n front of them
  • Slow down during inclement weather - leaves on the road can cause vehicles to slide
  • Try to make eye contact with drivers before stepping off the curb
  • Ensure headlights, brake lights and signals are working
  • Only cross at traffic signals, crosswalk and stop signs

Avoid distractions while walking and/or driving (eating or using your phone)