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At Toronto Hydro, Customer Value is a core principle of how we do business.

That means setting high standards and annual service goals, then doing everything we can to live up to them.

 It also means we’re committed to serving you, our customers, better — and we believe that openness and transparency is an important part of this.  We are accountable to you and a part of that accountability is reporting publicly how we’re doing.  We strongly believe what gets monitored gets managed.

We are excited to launch our new Customer Value Scorecard. The new scorecard includes many of the customer value performance measures we include in our annual business plan.  The scorecard will be published quarterly on our website and via stakeholder communications — with our performance results good or bad and actions we are taking to make sure we deliver on our customer promises.

We also want to hear from you about our new Customer Value scorecard and welcome your feedback so we can continue to improve and deliver our services to you better.  We’ve set up an email address (comms@torontohydro.com) for your feedback or questions.

Thank you for your continued support.





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