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Discover how Toronto Hydro is working to replace, upgrade and revitalize Toronto's electricity distribution system and stay up-to-date on projects happening in your community.

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Browse projects, watch videos and stay up-to-date on construction projects happening in your community.

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Queens Quay Revitalization

Learn more about how Toronto's waterfront is being transformed into a world-class show piece.

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Copeland Transformer Station

Learn more about the Copeland Station Project and how it will provide service to an important part of Toronto's downtown core.

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Community Energy Storage

Learn how the same technology in your car or cell phone battery is improving power quality, energy flow and reliability in Toronto.

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 Project Midtown

Learn more about Project Midtown and how this project is rejuvenating and increasing the electrical supply to Toronto's midtown neighbourhoods.

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 Solar PV Project

Learn more about how city-owned buildings are getting an injection of solar power.

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