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Queens Quay Revitalization

About Queens Quay Revitalization

Toronto Hydro is investing approximately $28 million to relocate and upgrade aging infrastructure along Queens Quay West between Yo Yo Ma Lane and Parliament Street. This project is part of Waterfront Toronto's initiative to transform Queens Quay into a world-class show piece for Toronto's waterfront.


Construction Update

For construction updates please visit Waterfront Toronto's website.


Toronto Hydro at work on Queens Quay West

In front of the Westin Harbour Castle, workers drill holes seven metres deep as part of a process called 'de-watering'. Ground water is high at the lake front and needs to be pumped out (drawn down) before civil construction can begin. Toronto Hydro is preparing to relocate and expand infrastructure in the area to accommodate future growth including Waterfront Toronto's revitalization project.

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