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Project Midtown


About Project Midtown

 Toronto Hydro is investing $46 million in Project Midtown; a joint initiative with Hydro One that began in May 2008. The purpose of this project is to rejuvenate and increase the electrical supply to Toronto's midtown neighbourhoods to meet the increased demand for power caused by the continued growth and development of the area.

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Construction Updates

September 19, 2012


Construction on Project Midtown continues. Excavation of the main shaft at Bayview Junction is well underway and the shaft is currently 10 metres deep.

Technicore is using a crane to continue this work, as the excavator can no longer reach down into the shaft. Over the next few months the crane will be on-site until the shaft has reached a depth of 70 metres.

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August 20, 2012


Part of the project involves replacing an aging 50-year old underground cable and adding a second cable between Bayview Junction and Birch Junction. The cables will run through a deep-rock tunnel 60 - 70m below ground. Once completed, the tunnel will be big enough to drive a golf cart through!

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 August 13, 2012


Construction on Project Midtown continues. Hydro One contractor Technicore Underground Corporation (Technicore) has completed the installation of a freeze unit at Bayview Junction. It will circulate a brine solution cooled to -30 degrees Celsius to freeze the ground in the construction zone in order to begin excavation.

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