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Office Electricity Savings Tips


Typically the two biggest requirements for electricity in an office space are lighting and HVAC

In general, lighting may account for 25% – 40% of the total electricity use, with HVAC taking a similar amount. The rest will be used by equipment such as computers, photocopiers, refrigerators and microwaves.

So, if your lighting fixtures are fluorescent and over 10 years old, they are likely T12 fixtures and can easily be replaced by T8 and the even more efficient T5 fixtures. Look at your non-fluorescent lighting too. Where possible, switch to compact fluorescent from incandescent.

A lighting consultant can quickly help you make the right decision. Be sure to tell the consultant that you will be applying for the Business Incentive Program and ensure they help you with the application.

HVAC, ask for energy efficiency data and compare

If you're purchasing HVAC equipment, ask for the energy-efficiency ratings Energy Star, EER, SEER, HSPF or AFUE to compare. The ratings usually are found on a tag or label on the equipment. They'll let you compare similar equipment for energy efficiency.

Perhaps the fastest way to electricity savings for your HVAC is to install programmable thermostats. They are easy to install and reliable. Be sure they have back-up batteries to retain setpoints if they ever lose power.

For other HVAC projects work with a certified HVAC consultant.