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Energy Savings Ideas for Restaurants


Look at your HVAC and equipment first

  • Use recommended thermostat set points: Every degree of cooling increases energy use by 4 to 5%.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to automatically control temperature settings and save on heat and cooling costs.
  • Turn exhaust hoods off when possible.
  • Fully loaded equipment utilizes energy more efficiently so fill dishwasher to capacity.
  • Make sure oven and refrigerator doors fit tightly and gaskets are in good condition. Replace damaged gaskets.
  • Replace old high-volume kitchen sprayers with high-velocity, low-flow models and save up to a thousand dollars a year in hot water costs.
  • Use high-efficiency griddles and fryers and save up to 30% on your energy usage.
  • Purchase insulated cooking equipment whenever possible (e.g. fryers, ovens, coffee machines). Insulation retains more heat in the equipment.
  • Don't overload your fryer baskets beyond their recommended capacity as it will increase cooking time.
  • Replace conventional equipment with energy efficient models that use less energy and are insulated for increased efficiency.
  • Replace old stand alone air conditioning units with energy efficient models and save up to 30 % on your energy cost for air conditioning.
  • Don't run your air conditioning with the doors and windows open.
  • Turn off any equipment that is idle.

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