See, save, smart: PowerLens® makes it easy to improve your home’s energy efficiency

Sign up for PowerLens® to see how and when your home uses electricity. You can set goals, track progress, create action plans and even earn points for e-gift cards for saving energy wisely.

PowerLens® points add up quickly

500 pts

Just for signing up!

1,000 pts

When you complete home assessment

up to 350 pts/month

for every kW saved

New! Pick appliances like a pro

Shopping for new appliances? The PowerLens® Appliance Finder has you covered!

Whether you’re redoing your whole kitchen or simply looking for a new dishwasher, get connected to the best products that can help you save energy.

Appliance Finder has the key information you need, including:

  • Product details

  • Available rebates

  • Annual energy and operating cost comparisons

  • Retailers near you

Once in PowerLens®, you can access Appliance Finder by clicking on Dashboard → Assistance → Appliance and Product Finder.


Win an ENERGY STAR® certified fridge
Once in PowerLens®, set your savings goal – the higher it is, the more chances you’ll have to win a new ENERGY STAR® certified Maytag French door refrigerator.


10% reduction pledge gives you 1 entry

20% reduction pledge gives you 3 entries

30% reduction pledge gives you 5 entries


Collect points, earn rewards
Take small steps to earn points. Then, redeem them for e-gift cards to Starbucks, Sephora, Best Buy, Home Hardware and other popular retailers.

Get the most from PowerLens®

  1. Create a personal savings action plan.

  2. See a snapshot of your annual electricity use.

  3. Set goals and track your savings progress.

  4. Collect points and redeem for e-gift cards.

  5. Browse recipe, articles and DIY energy-saving projects.

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