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Install a programmable thermostat to automatically use less energy when you’re sleeping or away.

Avoid cranking your thermostat to extreme temperatures – it won’t heat or cool the room any faster.

Increase the amount of insulation in your home to keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Every few months, remove the thermostat cover and dust it gently with a soft brush.

Keep all exterior doors shut and avoid frequent in-and-out traffic to avoid losing cool or hot air.

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Fill your fridge with water-filled jugs – it runs more efficiently when full.

Use lids on your pots while cooking and reduce energy consumption by up to 14%.

Using a 6” pot on an 8” burner can waste more than 40% of the burner’s heat. Use the right size pot with the right size burner.

Always wait until the dishwasher is full before you run it. For easy-to-clean loads, use the light or short cycle. Use the “air dry” setting for extra savings.

Reheat leftovers in the microwave – it uses about 50% less electricity than an oven.

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Save laundry for off-peak hours, evenings after 7 p.m. and all-day weekends and holidays to save. Do cold-water washes to save even more.

Clothes dryers use more energy than any other appliance. Use wool dryer balls to decrease drying time by 30-50%. Tennis balls work great too.

Clean dryer lint traps, stove vents and bathroom vents to help prevent fires and save energy.

Clean the lint screen every load – a clogged tray uses 30% more energy.

Dry towels and heavy clothes separately – lighter loads dry faster than mixed loads.

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Switch to ENERGY STARĀ® certified LED bulbs – they’re durable, versatile, last longer and use up to 75% less electricity than standard lighting. Use a coupon!

Add dimmers or motion sensors on lights to extend the life of your bulbs and save electricity – automatically.

Add timers to indoor and outdoor lights to save electricity and make your home look occupied when you’re out.

75% of the electricity used by your home electronics is when they’re turned off! Plug in to power bars with timers or auto shut-off to reduce phantom power.

Unplug laptops, cell phones and tablets once they’re finished charging. Unplug the charger from the outlet, too!

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Replacing an appliance? Look for an ENERGY STARĀ® certified model. Use the EnerGuide label to compare its energy consumption to other models.

Unplug that old second fridge when you’re not using it to save up to $125 a year in energy costs.

Vacuum your refrigerator’s coils and intake grill to maximize efficiency.

Give your fridge some space – place it a few inches away from the wall and well away from an oven, dishwasher or direct sunlight.

Front-loading clothes washers are more energy and water efficient than top-loaders. They also use less detergent and spin faster, saving on drying time too.

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Lather up! A 5-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead uses less than half the hot water of a bath.

A leaky tap wastes 800 litres of water a month! Replace worn-out washers to save.

Hold an empty 2-litre milk carton under your showerhead – if it fills up in less than 10 seconds, switch to an energy-efficient showerhead to reduce hot water use.

Add aerators to sink faucets to reduce water consumption by up to 50%.

Wash and rinse your clothes in cold water to reduce energy use by up to 90%. Always run full loads.