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Fast and free ways to save


Let the sun shine in! During the day open the blinds to heat your home naturally. Close them again at night.


Set your ceiling fan to spin clockwise – it will gently push hot air downwards to keep rooms cozy.


Set your thermostat between 18°C and 20°C before bed and 16°C when you’re away. Every degree lower saves up to 3% on heating costs!


Only heat the rooms you use. Shut off air registers and keep doors closed in any others.


Entertaining over the holidays? Lower the thermostat a few degrees to account for the extra body heat.


Take advantage of the lowest-priced off-peak winter hours and all-day weekends and statutory holidays.


Batch cook over a weekend – it saves time and keeps your oven from working overtime.


Roasting a turkey over the holidays? Pass on preheating – it’s only necessary for baking.


Set your electric water heater temperature to 48°C (120°F) to save energy and avoid scalding.


When you turn on your furnace, don’t switch your thermostat to a hotter setting than you need. It will not heat the room any faster.

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Small upgrades, big impact


Watch out for air leaks! Weatherstrip around windows, doors, outlets and vents to prevent heat loss.


As days get shorter, put outdoor lights on timers to save energy and make your home look occupied when you’re away.


Choose LED holiday lights when decorating for the season – they
use 80% less than standard lights.


Clean and replace furnace filters once a month during heating season. Be sure to schedule a tune-up, too.


Use a slow cooker to make hearty stews and soups this winter – it uses far less electricity than your oven.


Fireplaces let heat escape up the chimney. Keep the damper closed or insert an inflatable chimney balloon when it’s not in use.


Keep the heat in – use heat-shrink plastic on windows you aren’t
going to open.


Shorter days means lights are on longer. Switch to ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs to save up to 75% on lighting costs.


Plug electronics into power bars with timers or auto shut-off to reduce phantom power.


Insulate the first two metres of hot water pipes extending from your tank – it brings hot water to the shower faster.


Wrap your electric water heater with an insulating blanket to reduce energy loss by up to 40%. Be sure it’s CSA certified.

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can help pay off in savings


Use an energy-efficient humidifierto keep your home feeling warmer. Keep humidity levels no higher than 30%.


Install a programmable thermostat to reduce heating costs up to 10% – just keep it away from drafts and direct sunlight.


Time to replace your furnace? Get $250 in rebates when you upgrade to a high-
efficiency model


Choose ENERGY STAR® certified windows to reduce condensation, improve comfort and save about 8% on electricity costs.