PowerShift® automatically shifts some of your electricity
use to off-peak hours

If you’re already enrolled in peaksaver PLUS , then you know that your air conditioner, electric water heater and / or swimming pool pump may be cycled down during times of peak electricity demand to help reduce strain on the electricty grid.

PowerShift automatically takes this one step further by cycling eligible appliances into conservation mode when the temperature reaches 27°C and / or the humidex rises to 30°C on weekday afternoons only. This means you’ll be using less electricity during “on-peak” hours, when electricity costs are highest. It’s a “set it and forget it” way to save.


Go green as you save

In addition to reducing your on-peak usage, you can also feel good about signing up for PowerShift because it helps lower Toronto’s electricity consumption when the demand is greatest. You’ll be doing your part to reduce emissions caused by fossil fuel electricity generation.


Simply sign up – there’s nothing further to do

It takes just a minute to complete the PowerShift sign up. Since you’re already on peaksaver PLUS, no other equipment needs to be installed.