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What is the Home Assistance program?

The Home Assistance program is for seniors or others living on a fixed or modest income. If you qualify, we'll supply and install energy-efficient upgrades, free of charge, to help you save on your electricity bill and make your home more comfortable.

Toronto Hydro also offers conservation programs for homes and businesses to help all customers become more energy efficient.

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Why is the Home Assistance program being offered?

The Home Assistance program is a conservation program funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). It is offered by local electric utilities like Toronto Hydro to help reduce energy use across Ontario.

The Home Assistance program helps eligible Toronto Hydro customers who may not be able to afford to buy products to make their homes more energy efficient. Energy efficiency can help homeowners, renters and social housing managers reduce their energy use and control their costs.

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Who can apply for the Home Assistance program?

To be eligible, you must be a Toronto Hydro customer (your name is on the Toronto Hydro bill) and own or rent your home. If you rent, you must have written approval of the building owner or property manager.

You must own or rent a detached or semi-detached house, townhouse, a unit in a duplex or triplex, apartment or mobile home.

Your home must be a full-time residence. It can be a maximum of three storeys high and must be less than 600 square metres in size (about 6,400 square feet).

Your home must not have previously received any energy-efficiency upgrades from this program.

As well, your total annual household income must be below qualifying levels OR you must have received help from one or more qualifying social assistance programs.

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What if I am eligible but my building is too large to qualify?

If you are a tenant in a larger apartment building, you meet the income qualifications and you are a direct customer of Toronto Hydro (you get the bill), you are eligible for this program.

If you are a tenant in a larger building but you are not a direct customer of Toronto Hydro (you do not get a Toronto Hydro bill), please ask your landlord to visit our website for more information about the programs available to them.

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I live in social housing. Can I participate in the Home Assistance program?

If you live in social and/or assisted housing, please talk to your housing provider to see if your building is eligible or call 1-877-797-9473. If the building is eligible, the housing provider can apply for the program.

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Who is GreenSaver?

Toronto Hydro works with GreenSaver, a non-profit agency to deliver the Home Assistance program. If you qualify, GreenSaver will visit your home and install the energy-efficient products.

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How can I apply for the Home Assistance program?

Please call 1-877-797-9473 or complete the application form. You can complete the form online, then print it and mail or fax it to us.

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If I am eligible, what will happen next?

An energy expert from GreenSaver will call you to schedule an appointment. They will determine how energy efficient your home is now, install basic energy-efficient upgrades and give you helpful advice on how you can save even more energy.

If you are receiving a new refrigerator, freezer, window air conditioner or dehumidifier, or if draft-proofing and insulation work are being done, a time will be scheduled for a follow-up visit.

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How long does this process usually take?

After your application is approved, GreenSaver will schedule a home visit within three weeks. The first visit will usually last about 1 – 1.5 hours. If a follow-up visit is required, it may take up to two days to complete the work.

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I do not qualify for the Home Assistance program – does Toronto Hydro offer other programs?

Toronto Hydro offers conservation programs for home and business customers. These include:

  1. Coupons to save money on energy-efficient products
  2. Program for customers with central air conditioning/electric water heaters/poll pumps – get a free energy display
  3. Rebates for replacing old, ineeficient heating and cool systems

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How much energy will this program save?

Energy savings depend on the building type and the products and services that are installed. The Independent Electricity System Operator has targeted about 5.7 MW of peak demand reduction through this program in Ontario.

Energy conservation benefits all Ontarians. It reduces demand on the system, decreases the need to build new power stations and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

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Find out if you qualify

Please call

Or, to see if you are eligible, read more here.

Toronto Hydro has hired GreenSaver to deliver this program to our customers.