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Visit select stores April 7-8, 14-15 and 21-22 and get personalized advice from our experts to help you save energy at home.

Meet the Energy Experts

Visit these stores April 21-22 and get personalized advice from our experts to help you save energy at home.

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Instant discounts available on:

General LEDs

General LEDs $1 off per bulb

ENERGY STAR® certified A-lamps (per bulb, up to 10 bulbs)

Specialty LEDs

Specialty LEDs $2 off per bulb

ENERGY STAR® certified flood/reflector, globe and candle bulbs (per bulb, up to 10 bulbs)

Light fixtures

Light fixtures $8 off
per fixture

ENERGY STAR® certified light fixtures (indoor, hard wired, 11 watts or less, up to 10 fixtures)

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans $8 off

ENERGY STAR® certified (indoor, hard wired)

Indoor motion sensors

Indoor motion sensors $4 off

Must be hard wired

Dimmer switches

Dimmer switches $4 off

Lighting dimmers only (hard wired, LED compatible)


Timers $4 off

Must be hard wired


Weatherstripping Foam or V-strip packages $1.50 off

Door frame kits

$2 off

Insulation blankets

Insulation blankets $3 off

For electric water heaters only

Heavy duty plug in timers

Heavy duty plug in timers
Holiday lighting timers$4 off

Spa pump, car block heaters, pool pump timers

$3 off

Advanced power bars

Advanced power bars $3 off

Must have integrated timer or auto-shutoff


Clotheslines $8 off

Outdoor only; must be complete kits

Baseboard programmable thermostats

Baseboard programmable thermostats$10 off

For electric baseboard heaters only

Hot water pipe wrap

Hot water pipe wrap$3 off

Non-tubular pipe wrap or tape

Please note: Availability of products may vary by individual store location. Up to 10 items per product category. Taxes payable on full purchase price before discount.

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