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Powerlens® is a free tool that can help you see how your home is using electricity. Get perks and prizes simply for setting goals and saving energy!


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Pledge to make simple changes, like installing LED bulbs, smart power bars or lighting controls.


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Earn points to redeem for e-gift cards at popular retailers, such as Tim Hortons, Home Hardware and more.

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Powerlens® Ideas

Helpful tips, recipes & more

From energy-saving soups to quick-fix checklists, Powerlens® Ideas gives you hundreds of ways to make your home more efficient.

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Health & Wellness

  • Energy-smart breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes
  • Tips to reduce food waste and eat a planet-friendly diet
  • How to be prepared for power outages
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Home & Garden

  • Quick actions to make your whole home cozier
  • Fun ways to motivate kids to save energy
  • Ways to have an eco-friendly holiday
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Seasonal & Events

  • Simple fixes for a warmer home in winter
  • Need-to-knows when you’re getting a new AC
  • Gift ideas that are easy on the environment
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eBills make life a little easier

Say goodbye to paper clutter and hello to 24/7 convenience with eBills.

Handy alerts keep you on track

Get Powerlens® email alerts if your electricity usage goes over a pre-set amount.

Automate your payments

Set up Pre-Authorized Payment and you’ll never miss a due date again.

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Heating & cooling for homes

Heat and cool for less

System more than 10 years old? Get money-saving rebates to help you upgrade.

Furnace icon

Get $250* for a high-efficiency furnace

Air conditioner icon

Get $600* for an ENERGY STAR® certified central air conditioner

Reduce home heating costs by up to 25% when you install a quieter, more efficient furnace.

Use up to 20% less energy and enhance indoor air quality when you install a high-efficiency central air conditioner.

Get $1,900-$5,800* for electrically heated homes

Install an air-source heat pump and get a triple-duty system that heats, cools and dehumidifies all in one.

See details and participating contractors

Did you know?

Heating and cooling is 60% of home_ energy use

Simple steps can make a big difference in reducing your home’s largest energy expense.

Pie chart showing 60% of energy costs is taken by heating and cooling

No-Cost Heating Tips

Window with blinds mostly down

Open blinds and drapes during the day to let warm sunlight in. Close at night.

Thermostat set to 18 degrees

Set your thermostat between 18°C and 20°C before bed and 16°C when you’re away.

Thermometer with arrow down

Having people in? Lower the thermostat a few degrees to account for the extra body heat.

Ceiling fan turning clock wise

Set your ceiling fan to spin clockwise – it will gently push hot air downwards to keep rooms cozy.

No-Cost Cooling Tips

Window with curtains

During the day, keep curtains drawn to limit the amount of sunlight you let in.

Thermostat set to 24 degrees

Set your thermostat between 24°C and 26°C before bed and 28°C when you’re away.


Only cool the rooms you use. Shut off air registers and keep doors closed in any others.

Shirt on a laundry line

Air dry clothes using a clothesline or drying rack to save energy and avoid adding heat from the dryer.

Smart thermostat icon

Plus! Installing a smart thermostat can help _you save automatically on heating and cooling. _See how to qualify for a $100 on-bill credit.

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You can also reach us by email at

*Incentives are available for installation of eligible equipment completed between January 1 and December 31, 2018 and submitted no later than February 1, 2019. Equipment must be purchased from and installed by a participating contractor. $250 incentive with the purchase and installation of an eligible furnace. $600 incentive with the purchase and installation of an eligible central air conditioning system. Up to $5,800 incentive with the purchase and installation of an eligible air-source heat pump. A portion of the air-source heat pump rebate is provided through the Green Ontario Fund. † Estimated annual electricity cost savings are based on past program experience. Actual savings may vary. ‡ Applies to electrically heated homes with central air conditioning. Additional terms and conditions found at TMOfficial Mark of the Independent Electricity System Operator. Used under licence.

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