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The house at 10 Smart Meter Lane is interactive and shows you the effect of Time-of-Use (TOU) rates as you're using appliances, lighting and air conditioning at different times of day.

All of Ontario is moving to TOU rates for electricity usage. TOU means that the price you pay for electricity changes depends on the time of day. Time shifting some of your usage to evenings and weekends will help you better manage your bill.

At 10 Smart Meter Lane, you can look at your usage totals for a typical day. It's fun and educational and it will help you get the most out of TOU rates.

Remember to choose Weekdays or Weekends and Holidays

When you click on appliances, you can input how long you would use that appliance. If you're using it during on-peak or mid-peak times, you can see how much it would cost you, and how much you could save by shifting to off-peak times like evenings and weekends.

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10 Smart Meter Lane

See how shifting your electricty use can make a difference on your bill.


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