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Variable Frequency Drives


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Consider the motors in your HVAC, process and water systems

A variable frequency drive (VFD) can control both the speed and torque of a motor to meet the demands of the process it’s driving. Since VFDs provide a continuous range of speed control, they can greatly improve a system’s overall efficiency.  

Typically, VFDs eliminate the need for dampers and valves, which throttle the output of a fixed-speed motor and result in wasted energy.


Anywhere you have motors driving variable loads, there’s potential for savings

The amount of savings depends on the size of the motor, how much the system has been over-sized and the variability of the loads.

Past applications have shown energy savings between 10 to 40 per cent. Paybacks on installations range from two to four years.

Ideal applications for VFDs

VFDs can be applied in all types of buildings that have motors in HVAC systems, fans and pumps.

Ideal applications for VFDs


Reduce long-term maintenance costs

With less wear on your motors, you’ll find reductions on maintenance requirements and costs. This will vary by motor and application and is dependent on having motor types that are compatible with VFD technology.


Incentive programs pay up to 50 per cent to maximize your savings

Before you begin a VFD program, consider a system-wide audit to help you prioritize. Apply for AUDIT FUNDING, which will pay up to 50 per cent, to a maximum of $25,000, of the cost of an energy audit.

Then look to the incentives available under the RETROFIT PROGRAM, which pay up to 50 per cent of project costs to speed up your payback time.

AUDIT FUNDING incentives pay 50 per cent, up to $25,000. Learn more >


RETROFIT PROGRAM incentives pay up to 50 per cent of project costs. Learn more >

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Join the RETROFIT PROGRAM leaders

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VFDs save 274,560 kWh annually for the Woodbine Entertainment Group


At Atlantic Packaging, VFDs delivered major savings on motors as large as 5,000 HP

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First Canadian Place variable frequency drives project saves $542,220/yr in electricity costs

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