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Air Conditioner Emergency Replacement


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Why invest in standard efficiency when you can get paid to go high efficiency?

With generous incentives available, now is the time to upgrade your inefficient air conditioning units to high-efficiency models. The new energy-efficient units deliver long-term savings and reduced maintenance costs. Plus, cut ongoing energy costs by approximately 10 percent or more.

Incentives apply to rooftop units (RTU), split systems and packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC).
Units from 3 to 63 tons qualify.

Planned Replacements

Unplanned Emergency Replacements

While older air conditioners may still work, you are likely paying too much in operating costs. Don’t wait for an emergency! Upgrade to high-efficiency models now to maximize your incentives and lower costs.

There are two incentive paths available for planned replacements:

Working from preset calculation worksheets that help you estimate reductions. This path offers the greatest potential for incentives. Please contact our Energy Experts to get started.
If you can choose from a set list of eligible measures, calculate your incentives by completing a simple worksheet. 
Here’s how to get your incentive:

 If you need to replace an air conditioner quickly, you can still get an incentive when you upgrade to a high-efficiency model. You have 45 days to apply for your incentive. Please note that incentives for planned replacements are typically higher.

 Here’s how to get your incentive:


Look for a high EER for greatest efficiency

If you have older units, take a minute to determine their energy Efficiency Rating (EER). While the difference in rating between an EER of 10 and 12 may seem small, the resulting savings can be enough to make a strong case for replacement.



Prescriptive path incentives

Note 1: 12.0 for single package with economizer and 12.5 for split system
Note 2: Single package systems (3 to 7.5 tons) require economizers

Qualify for incentives

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Qualify for incentives

RETROFIT PROGRAM incentives pay up to 50 per cent of project costs.

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Environmental impacts and cost savings are estimations and may vary depending on location, model, time of use, operating conditions and other variables. These environmental impacts and cost savings estimations are assumptions based on currently available information, industry trends, variables, and uncertainties. Actual environmental impacts and cost savings estimations may differ. No representation is made or implied as to the accuracy of environmental impacts and cost savings estimations.

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