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OPsaver rewards continuous improvement

You’ve invested in energy-efficient technology. You’ve optimized all your key systems. When it comes to energy management, what’s next? OPsaver rewards building owners for energy savings, year over year.

10 reasons to participate

  • Earn incentives based on performance.
  • Achieve energy savings between 5 and 20%.
  • Support a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement.
  • Promote corporate sustainability goals.
  • Get funding to offset the cost of an OPsaver Consultant to support your Energy Manager.
  • Changes often require minimal, if any, capital expenditures.
  • Helps comply with Ontario’s Bill 135, Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) requirements.
  • Build on previous years’ savings to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.
  • Avoid applying for each measure under separate incentive programs.
  • Access tools and resources.

OPsaver delivers energy savings up to 20%

capital upgrades

process investments

employee engagement


Continuous Energy Improvement

Some of the easy measures that are eligible for OPsaver

You may already be planning some of these improvements as part of your company's sustainability program.
Why not sign up for OPsaver and get paid 2.5 cents for every kWh saved?


  • Create an energy awareness program for tenants/employees
  • Use daylight harvesting in lobbies
  • Fine-tune exhaust fan and/or pump sequences
  • Implement space temperature setbacks
  • Reduce night lighting intensity
  • Implement free cooling in the winter/shoulder season
  • Install an air-to-water heat pump in the mechanical room to remove heat


  • Reset chilled water temperatures
  • Modify fan coil sequences
  • Apply simultaneous heating/cooling revisions
  • Adjust make-up air setpoints
  • Make occupancy-based adjustments to lighting and HVAC systems
  • Implement night purge ventilation for pre-set periods
  • Adjust Building Automation System setpoints for exhaust fans and pumps


  • Create an employee awareness program
  • Identify low/no cost operational savings measures
  • Optimize process set points for energy efficiency
  • Fine-tune equipment run-time
  • Reduce night lighting intensity
  • Optimize temperatures of rooftop HVAC systems
  • Create a maintenance program to prevent equipment issues

They did it!

Berkeley Castle Investments

At the end of their first year of participating in OPsaver, Berkeley Castle Investments achieved a 13% savings!

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How the program works

  • Commit

    Agree to prioritize energy efficiency through changes to processes and company culture.
  • Assess

    We assess your facility’s energy use in order to establish a baseline against which future progress can be measured.
  • Implement

    Deploy energy-efficiency projects across multiple systems, such as tenant engagement, training, equipment upgrades, or changes to processes, such as smart scheduling, etc.
  • Evaluate

    We measure savings impacts; matching financial incentives to achievements.

Get paid for every kWh saved

Incentives are paid annually based on savings over the baseline, 2.5 cents/kWh.

You may qualify if:

  • You operate a large commercial, industrial or institutional building
  • Your building currently has or plans to implement an energy accounting/monitoring and targeting system
  • You’ll commit to a long-term continuous energy management strategy
  • You’ll appoint an internal staff member to champion a culture of efficiency within the facility and collaborate with the OPsaver consultant
  • Your building has interval data (preferred but not mandatory)

Apply for OPsaver

Contact your key account representative or call our business hotline at 416-542-3388.

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Apply for OPsaver

Contact your key account representative or call our business hotline at


Download sell sheet
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More properties across Ontario?

If you operate facilities located in areas served by two or more local hydro companies, streamline your savings with the new Energy Performance Program and earn incentives for total savings achieved across all locations.

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