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The savings are immediate, with payback as fast as one year

With the introduction of commercially-viable LED lamps and fixtures, businesses can expect unprecedented savings in their electricity costs for lighting – up to 75%!

An LED for every need

Today, there’s a large selection of LED lamps, fixtures and arrays for many types of installations. So there is no reason to wait. The savings are immediate, the paybacks are generally between one and three years, and in many cases, the quality of the lighting is noticeably improved.

LEDs reduce your maintenance costs too

Since LEDs typically last up to 25 times longer than incandescents, you don’t have to change them as often. That’s especially important in outdoor or high-bay areas where cranes or lifts are required to reach the fixtures.

Beyond energy savings – more LED benefits:

  • Their compact size makes LEDs more versatile
  • Low heat dissipation means lighting can often be closer to the object being lit, and also reduces overall air conditioning requirements
  • Immediately on and start at full brightness
  • Fully dimmable
  • Ideal for outdoors and perform well in both heat and cold
  • Available in a selection of colours
  • As an added safety factor, LEDs operate at low voltage

Don’t overlook these opportunities

With their long-rated life, consider LEDs in areas where lighting is required for substantial periods of time, including:

  • “Always on” locations such as lobbies, hallways, stairs, exit signs
  • Parking lots and other outdoor lighting
  • Commercial signage

Due to their low-heat output and small size, LEDs are good candidates for:

  • Freezer cases, fruit and vegetable displays
  • Retail display cases
  • Restaurants and entertainment facilities
Available incentives
Suitesaver icon

The new SUITESAVER program offers free in-suite lighting and smart power bars, including installation, to condo and apartment buildings. Find out if your building is eligible.

audit funding icon

AUDIT FUNDING incentives pay up to 50% of your energy audit, up to $25,000. Learn more.

retrofit program icon - 50% off

RETROFIT PROGRAM incentives pay up to 50% of project costs for energy-efficient upgrades. Learn more.

small business lighting icon

SMALL BUSINESS LIGHTING turnkey rebate program offers a free lighting assessment and rebates to offset the cost of the new lighting for businesses with an annual electricity demand under 100kW.Learn more.

Starting a lighting project?

Tips for working with a contractor

It’s worth spending the time to find a reputable contractor to ensure the job is done right. We show you how to do your homework before starting any lighting project.

See contractor tips

Cutting costs can be as simple as changing a light bullb

illustration of pin lamps

LED pin lamps: A do-it-yourself upgrade

Now it’s even easier to modernize your lighting with LED pin lamps that snap into compatible ballasts.

Just plug and play

As your CFLs burn out, replace them with new two-pin or four-pin LED lamps. It’s so easy your maintenance staff can do it – no fixture replacements, no re-wiring, no electrician required.

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illustration of fluorescent tube light

Fluorescent tubes? Swap for LED

LED prices have dropped 58% in the past five years and quality has improved, so they’re an attractive choice to replace old fluorescents. Today, upgrading to LEDs can be as simple as a lamp-for-lamp switch – often with a compatible ballast no electrician is needed!

  • Last up to 50,000 hours
  • Provide more uniform light
  • Shatterproof and durable
  • Won’t burn out suddenly
  • Perform well in lower temperatures
  • Mercury free

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The Illuminating Engineering Society currently recommends calculating the life of an LED at the point at which the LED reaches 30% lumen depreciation.

Are your ballasts compatible?

Not all LEDs are a perfect fit with existing fixtures, so a lighting upgrade may involve more than a simple switch. LEDs will not work with rapid start or magnetic ballasts and some may not work with dimmable or programmable-start ballasts. Learn what to ask your contractor to ensure your upgrade meets your expectations.

See contractor tips
Parking garage lit with LEDs

Park energy efficiency in the garage

Garage lighting is on 24/7, making it an ideal place to upgrade to LEDs. Learn about lighting and other energy-efficient upgrades that will help you put the brakes on costs in the garage. See ways to save in your garage

LEDs vs other lights? Consider the savings

Indoor Fixtures


Outdoor Fixtures

LED vs Incandescent

Saves Up To


LED vs Others

Saves Up To

indoor fixtures outdoor fixtures
Replacements and percentages are based on incandescent bulbs HPS = High Pressure Sodium, CFL = Compact Fluorescent, PS = High Wattage Incandescent, MH = Metal Halide

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