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Below, we’ve gathered resources specific to condo or apartment living – from how suite metering works, to ways to save energy and how to stay prepared for an emergency.


How to form a “Green Team”

A green team may be your building’s most powerful asset to get energy-saving initiatives off the ground. If your building doesn’t yet have one, it’s easy to get started.

1. Get people involved

Get people involved

All it takes is a few energy champions to motivate, encourage and lead other residents.

2. Set your goals

Set your goals

Set a targeted date and amount to reduce energy use, or define a list of initiatives.

3. Contact our Energy Experts

Contact our Energy Experts

They’ll work with you to identify and plan projects, apply for funding or host info-sessions to build support.

4. Develop your outreach

Develop your outreach

Prepare an information package, send a newsletter or organize an energy-saving education night, so everyone knows what’s being planned.

5. Track, monitor and measure

Track, monitor and measure

Compare your energy consumption (kWh) before, during and after your initiatives to track effectiveness.

6. Celebrate success and achievements

Celebrate success and achievements

Generate excitement by updating residents on how much has been saved and that their efforts have been worthwhile.

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How to save energy in your suite

Those who live in smaller spaces can save energy as easily as single-family homes.

Switch to LED bulbs

They last up to 25,000 hours and use up to 75% less electricity. See our buying guide.

Adjust your blinds

During cooler months, keep blinds open during the day to let the hot sun in. During warmer months, keep them closed to keep it out.

Choose more efficient ENERGY STAR® certified products

Including laptops, DVD players, televisions and sound systems, to save.

Unplug chargers

Once devices have finished charging to reduce phantom power.

Use dishwashers, washers and dryers efficiently

Wait for full loads before running and use cold water whenever possible.

Upgrade your fan coil units

Work with your Condominium Board, Landlord or Property Manager and other residents to coordinate a bulk purchase to upgrade fan coils to more energy-efficient units.

Install and set a programmable

To automatically turn heating or air conditioning down or off when you’re away.

Reheat leftovers in the microwave

They use up to 50% less electricity than electric stoves.

Avoid streaming content through your game console

It uses much more energy than other options.

Sliding balcony door?

Clean dirt and debris off the tracks to keep air from escaping.

Use dryer balls

They can reduce drying time from 30-50%.

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Do you have a 72-hour emergency kit?

If you live in a highrise, a prolonged outage could mean some time without water or working elevators until power is restored.

Be prepared by keeping these supplies on hand:

Bottled water
(4 litres per person per day)

Non-perishable food and a manual car opener

First-aid kit with bandages and alcohol wipes

Flashlight and extra batteries

Wind-up or battery-operated radio

Download Download the emergency prepardness guide

Getting the most out of your electricity use

Suite meter iconYour suite meter puts you in control

If you receive a monthly bill from Toronto Hydro, you likely have a suite meter. With suite metering, you pay for the electricity used in your suite – not for what your neighbours use.

Learn more about suite metering.

Time of Use iconShift to save with Time-of-Use (TOU) rates

Just as traffic can peak during rush hour, so can our electricity use. If you have a suite meter, take advantage of Time-of-Use rates and pay lower rates for the electricity you use during less busy times. For example, shifting laundry and dishwashing to off-peak hours after 7 p.m. is a simple way to save.

Learn more about Time-of-Use rates

Not on suite metering? See other rate types

Building Owners/Property Managers/Condo Boards

Get rebates to save

Looking to start an energy-efficiency project? Call on our Energy Experts to help you identify opportunities and apply for incentives to help offset the cost of upgrading.

Learn where to save.

You may be exempt from the Debt Retirement Charge (DRC)

The government has removed the DRC from all residential customers’ bills. If you own multiple units and meet the exemption criteria, you may qualify for an exemption for each unit.

Download the DRC Exemption Form

Billing for multi-unit premises See current electricity rates Service connections or construction Reduce operating costs with suite metering

Need access to your transformer vault?

Customers are responsible for maintaining and inspecting transformer vaults located on their property. As vault doors are locked for safety, you must contact Toronto Hydro if you’d like to arrange access. This service is provided once annually, at no charge.

Download the Vault Access Form

Energy Experts

Questions? Contact our Energy Experts

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