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M&T is a scalable, cost-effective solution for facilities of all sizes

A monitoring and targeting (M&T) system is a smart, effective way to know how your building or plant is using energy. It provides real-time feedback so that when it comes to your electricity use, you’re not making decisions in the dark. Offices, institutions, retail and industrial buildings are all good candidates for M&T.

Top benefits of M&T

  • See how and where energy is being used
  • Improve energy efficiency by up to 15%
  • Detect avoidable waste or power quality issues early on
  • Understand what contributes to peak demand so you can manage global adjustment costs.

See the big picture with M&T

Metre & Measure

Install electricity meters, particularly on machines that use the most energy, to make your facility’s total electricity usage measurable. Once you know your baseline, you can set targets.

Monitor & Manage

Get daily reports that provide feedback about unusually high (or low) electricity usage. Measure against targets and other variables, such as production or occupancy. Set up alerts, and quickly adjust where needed.

Assess & Adjust

Determine how well new equipment or changes in processes are tracking – and which need adjustment. Understand and gain control over your peak demand and ultimately, your global adjustment costs.

Test & Fine-tune

Real-time feedback makes it easy to test, fine-tune and optimize processes while reducing energy consumption.

Get at-a-glance insights, online

Information is power

A scalable solution

Typical M&T findings

M&T doesn’t have to be complex; start small with a basic entry system, and keep adding data points as you go – the more you add, the more opportunities to save.

Process operations

  • Incorrect set points
  • Controls scheduled improperly

Occupancy shifts

  • Controls not throttling
  • Part-load performance optimization

Compressed air

  • Leaks or incorrect pressure
  • Equipment left on overnight

Space/process cooling

  • Overcooling
  • Improper controls


  • Equipment running when not needed
  • Excessive run times

Get funding through one of two incentive streams

Up to 50%

Retrofit Program

Get rebates at $0.10/kWh (up to 50% of project costs) under the Retrofit Program for savings achieved over 12 months. Savings are verified by measuring electricity usage before and after implementation.

Up to 80%

Process and Systems

Get funding up to 80% (up to $75,000) under the Process and Systems program. Additional incentives may be available through your local gas company.

Is this program for you?

You may qualify for incentives if your facility:

  • Has an on-site energy manager to oversee the system
  • In two years, achieves:
    • 0.2 MW in peak demand savings
    • 0.2 MW x Facility Load Factor x 8,760 hours in energy savings
  • Commits to implementing projects with less than one-year payback
  • Agrees to report annually on all initiatives completed because of M&T findings, over five years.

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