Pool Saver. Help customers take the plunge. Use rebates to leverage higher sales.

Get a $400 rebate for every variable-speed pump sold to replace a constant-speed pump

We know that higher-ticket, energy-efficient pumps can be a tougher sell. Lock down the sale of your next variable-speed pump with rebates to pass along to your customers.

An exclusive program for members of the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada

Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada

A win-win for participating vendors

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Use rebates to leverage higher sales

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Offer instant savings to your customers

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Get training and support through the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada

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Be seen as a "green" supplier

Compare the long-term costs of upgrading

Constant-speed pump

Variable-speed pump

Ticket Price


$1,200 - $400 rebate = $800

Annual Energy
Consumption (KWH)



Average Annual
electricity cost*



Total cost over 10 years



*Based on $0.17/kWh,
operating 16 hours per day.

†Based on $800 purchase divided by $296 electricity savings = 2.7 year payback. If replacing a failed pump, calculations are based on $800 purchase less $450 (cost to purchase a single-speed pump) = $350 divided by $296 electricity savings = 1.2 year payback.

That's $2,960 saved in electricity costs over 10 years!

Payback is 2.7 years
(1.2 years if replacing a failed pump)

Ready to become a participating vendor?
Here's how the program works:

One - Submit

Submit the Vendor Participation Agreement

  • Download and submit the Vendor Participation Agreement for approval by Toronto Hydro
  • Attend Poolsaver training through Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada
  • If you're unable to attend the training session, please review the vendor training presentation and complete the quiz below to be eligible to participate.
  • Once approved, we'll provide you with all relevant documents, rebate application forms and program brochures
Two - Sell

Sell variable-speed pumps

  • Rebates can be applied at the time of purchase
  • To qualify, new pumps must replace existing constant-speed pumps
  • All customers must sign a Point-of-Sale Discount Application form
Three - Installation

Complete installation

  • You'll need to collect customer information, such as pool size, pump size and run time at the time of installation. Data collection forms will be provided
  • Some customers may be contacted for follow-up site visits and/or interviews
Four - Submit Invoices

Submit invoices every month

  • Complete and submit all paperwork on a monthly basis
  • This should include all Point-of-Sale Discount Application forms, rebate applications and copies of invoices
  • Your cheque should arrive within three weeks

Vendor Training

If you're unable to attend the training session, please review the vendor training presentation.

Then, complete this quiz to be eligible to participate.

Complete the quiz

Five selling points to lock down your pump sale

90% less electricity

Use up to 90% less electricity

Variable-speed pumps run at a fraction of the speed of constant-speed pumps, using only the electricity needed for the task.


Quick payback

With instant rebates and ongoing electricity savings, a variable-speed pump can pay for itself in just two to three years.


Quieter operation

Variable-speed pumps run much quieter than constant-speed pumps.

Last longer

Last longer

Not running a pump at full speed, 24/7 will help keep equipment lasting longer.


More environmentally-friendly

Upgrading is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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