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Hotels and Motels


Answering the needs of your guests can be an energy-intensive experience. Aside from the electricity requirements of the guest rooms and common areas, you may also need to power restaurants, meeting facilities, swimming pools and extensive lighting for parking garages and outdoor signs.  

Smart operators are looking for every possible way to become more energy efficient. Contact our Energy Experts today. They can help you identify savings and apply for incentives that cover up to 50 per cent of project costs.

Switch to LEDs for 75% savings


 Automate occupancy savings


LEDs save energy, last much longer than conventional bulbs, are fully dimmable and instant-on, give off very little heat and work well in all temperatures. Where you’re using fluorescent tubes now, make the switch to energy-efficient T8s or T5s to save. 

Turn on LED lighting savings now >



If you already have occupancy controls in your guest rooms, the next candidates are meeting rooms, stairwells, restrooms and garages. Consider any area of low occupancy where some or all of the lights can be turned off until they’re needed. You may be able to reduce lighting usage by 30 to 70 per cent!

Turn off the lights, turn up the savings with occupancy controls >

Cut cooling costs


VFDs control savings

Hotels and motels are 24/7 businesses and that brings significant air conditioning requirements. Be sure your units are energy efficient. Older units likely have higher operating costs. Today, best-in-class means EERs of 10 or less. Get incentives of up to $200 per ton to upgrade.

Upgrade your ACs and save >


Variable frequency drives (VFDs) should be considered to control motors in HVAC systems, fans and pumps. They adjust motor speeds according to requirements which means savings of up to 40 per cent. Aside from HVAC in general areas, look for opportunities in your kitchen, laundry and parking.

Incentives up to 50% to upgrade motors with VFDs >



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