Rebates for Restaurants

Food for thought: energy efficiency pays

Back of house savings, front of house appeal

In restaurants, first impressions are everything - but so is keeping a lid on costs. Get rebates to upgrade lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning and other equipment. You’ll keep energy costs down and customers coming back.

Benefits beyond the bottom line


Reduce operating and maintenance costs


Create a more appealing guest experience


Improve work environment


Extend equipment life

Three quick-win ways to help you save energy right away

Small Business Lighting

Get up to $2,000* in lighting rebates

LED Bulb
  • Free on-site lighting assessment
  • Expert analysis showing what you’ll save in monthly energy costs
  • Up to $2,000 towards your upgrade
  • A turnkey lighting upgrade by a licensed electrician

Business Refrigeration Incentive

Get up to $2,500 in refrigeration rebates

  • Free on-site energy audit
  • Personalized action plan to save energy
  • Up to $2,500 in rebates for coolers, motors, display cases, strip curtains, controls and more


Rooftop air conditioner?
Get a FREE checkup

LED Bulb
  • Free on-site assessment of your rooftop unit
  • Detailed action plan to optimize your system
  • Free WiFi® enabled thermostat, including setup and installation

Next, upgrade key systems and equipment

Air Conditioning Rebates

Upgrade your AC with rebates from $1,000/unit and up

AC icon
  • Trim energy costs by 13% with high-efficiency models
  • Keep customers comfortable
  • Unplanned replacement incentives available!

Occupancy Controls

Stop paying to light empty rooms – control costs with sensors

Occupancy Controls icon
  • Reduce lighting usage by up to 70%
  • Get rebates that pay up to 50% of project costs
  • Reduce energy waste in restrooms, break rooms, storage rooms and more.

Demand Control Ventilation

Breathe easy with occupancy-based ventilation

Demand Control Ventilation icon
  • Sensors adjust kitchen fans according to cooking load
  • Control air flow in dining areas, based on occupancy
  • Get rebates that pay up to 50% of project costs

Variable Speed Drives

Control motors, control costs

VFD icon
  • Reduce energy waste by controlling fans, pumps and more
  • Reduce energy costs by up to 40%
  • Get rebates that pay up to 50% of project costs
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