Control costs in common spaces

Prioritize technology upgrades for greatest savings.   The quickest path to savings is to do a walk through of your building, noting everywhere electricity is used in common areas. This includes lobbies, hallways, meeting and recreation rooms, garages, above ground parking and outdoor lighting.

Start by looking for opportunities to upgrade lighting to energy-efficient LEDs. Paybacks are typically fast and longer bulb life means less maintenance too.

Then, look into upgrades to your heating, cooling, ventilation and water circulation systems. Savings can be up to 50 per cent. Call on Toronto Hydro's Energy Experts to help.

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Switch to LEDs inside and out

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With so many available LED bulb types, you can upgrade and reduce lighting costs up to 75 per cent for virtually every application.

Qualify for Retrofit Program rebates up to 50% >

Are your circulation pumps working overtime?

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Optimize your pumps and reduce electricity use by up to 35%. The new PUMPsaver program offers end-to-end service, at no cost to you.

See if your building qualifies >

Want to save energy? Go to the garage

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From ventilation fans and lighting, to CO and occupancy sensors, your garage is brimming with energy-saving opportunities that can help you trim costs.

See all garage upgrades >

Uncover hidden savings in your water pumps

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Adding variable frequency drives to your water pumps means they operate only when needed. That can reduce energy use up to 50 per cent.

Get paybacks as fast as four months >

Smaller systems? Get up to $5,000 back

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Funding is available to identify potential energy savings in fan, pump, hydronic systems and more. Recommendations and simple payback make it easy to get underway.

Learn more about energy audits >

CHP helps you save on both power and heat

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Combined Heat and Power delivers both thermal energy and electrical power at a much higher efficiency than separate systems. Incentives pay up to 40% of project costs.

Turn waste into watts >

Automate savings with smart building controls

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From occupancy sensors to whole building automation, control systems help manage and optimize electricity use.

Get rebates to implement control systems >

Upgrade fan coils for savings up to 50%

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Get incentives for high-efficiency fan coil units to reduce energy and maintenance costs and improve air quality and comfort for occupants.

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Your building(s) may be eligible for energy-efficient upgrades. Find out here!

Energy Experts

Questions? Contact our Energy Experts

Call Toronto Hydro first. We've helped many property managers and owners of multi-unit residential buildings find big savings. We'll take care of the incentive paperwork for you too.

Mike Mulqueen

Mike Mulqueen

Lee Masucci

Lee Masucci

Travis Riggin

Travis Riggin

Multi-residential case studies

Booster Pump Upgrade

Electricity cost savings:


1.3 years

Read full case study >

Waterford Condos
Condo parking garage

Electricity cost savings:


2.3 years

Read full case study >


Technology upgraded: Garage lighting, CO sensors, pumps

CAPREIT discusses what new technologies they're using and the easy opportunity to conserve by changing out lighting fixtures and lamps for more efficient ones.

Watch the video >

Are you a social or assisted housing provider?

We offer incentives up to 50 per cent of the cost for energy-efficiency projects, including:

  • Energy audits
  • Lighting upgrades
  • In-suite appliance upgrades
  • HVAC system upgrades
  • Building envelope upgrades and more

We also offer tools and training for tenants and property managers, with tips and advice to help better manage electricity use and costs.

Contact Mike Mulqueen to get started

The key to conservation? Get residents on board Find tools and resources >

Engaging residents can lead to reduced operating and maintenance costs; a safer, more comfortable building and even an increased sense of community.

5 steps to success

Step 1: Form a "Green Team"

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Your team is the ambassador of your awareness campaign. They will motivate, encourage and lead other residents.

Step 2: Set your goals

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For example, your goal could be to:

  • Reduce annual energy use by X per cent
  • Generate energy-efficiency ideas
  • Build a conservation culture

Step 3: Understand your residents and their needs

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Having a clear picture of your residents, property management company and condo board will help you determine what tools, tactics and messages will resonate.

Step 4: Develop your outreach

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Determine key messages, identify your tools and outreach channels. Some ideas may include:

  • Announcements at condo board meetings
  • Building newsletter or posters
  • Hold a contest for the best energy-saving ideas
  • Start a building-wide challenge and competition
  • Organize an energy-saving education night

Step 5: Implement the program

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Track your progress and celebrate your success with all residents to let them know their efforts have been worthwhile.

Energy experts

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