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Upgrade fan coils for energy savings up to 50%

In hotels, condominiums and other residential buildings, fan coil units (FCUs) are a common way to provide heating and cooling to suites. However, as systems age, coils become clogged, causing energy waste, costly repairs and even serious mould growth.

Get rebates to upgrade with electronically commutated motors (ECMs) to help reduce energy costs while improving air quality and comfort.

High-efficiency fan coil units keep everyone breathing easier

An FCU uses a small fan to distribute hot or cold air from a central system into each suite. An ECM fan motor adjusts automatically to use only the energy needed – eliminating energy waste by up to 50%.

Benefits that make stakeholder buy-in easier

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Improved air quality

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Lower maintenance costs

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Easier cleaning and repair

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Enhanced occupant comfort

Get rebates up to 50% of project costs

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Speed up payback with rebates that offset the cost of your upgrade. Toronto Hydro’s Energy Experts will help you:

Take savings further with smart thermostats

Equip each FCU with an adaptive thermostat to save energy automatically and provide better comfort control to tenants and residents.

Tip: Buy in bulk for better pricing

Planning a whole-building upgrade? Many suppliers provide optimized pricing when you buy in bulk, which can add up to substantial savings.

Success story: How fan coil upgrades helped Sky View save

Annual savings $42,700
Incentive $28,500
Payback (with incentive) 2.6 years

After a series of fan coil unit breakdowns at Sky View on Yonge Condominiums, managed by Del Property Management, mould became a serious issue. Today, residents are enjoying fresher air after upgrading 457 fan coils to high-efficiency models.

See how they did it >

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