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A sustainable, energy-efficient cooling solution

A chiller can be the single largest consumer of electricity. Don’t wait until the end of its useful life to replace it. Start saving now with incentives to implement Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC).

Do you have a central cooling plant?

DLWC harnesses the renewable cold temperature of the water at the bottom of Lake Ontario to cool buildings in Toronto’s downtown core.

Top 5 benefits of DLWC

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Energy savings up to 90%

DLWC also decreases water costs and helps to extend the life of existing equipment, reducing maintenance costs too.

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Predictable operating costs

While Global Adjustment costs vary according to market price, DLWC offers rate stability with fixed contractual pricing.

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A local, sustainable solution

Based in Toronto, Enwave’s DLWC can help reduce your carbon footprint and meet corporate sustainability goals.

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Seamless integration

Depending on infrastructure requirements, installation is turnkey and non-disruptive, with no inconvenience to your tenants.

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Quiet and space-friendly

Eliminating heavy mechanical equipment means less noise and more opportunity to repurpose rooftops, penthouses and basement spaces.

how DLWC works

A renewable, year-round resource

Pipes draw the very cold, dense water (4°C) that sinks to the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Water treatment

Water is treated and filtered as drinking water to ultimately supply the city.

Heat exchange process

Heat exchangers at the John Street Pumping Station transfer heat into the city’s drinking water supply, in the process cooling Enwave’s closed-loop system. Water from the two systems never mix.

Built-in redundancy

During periods of peak demand, additional cooling is available at the Simcoe St. Cooling Plant, and a number of other plants in Enwave’s network.

Sustainable building cooling

Chilled water circulates through the building’s cooling system.

Closed cooling loop

Warm water then returns to the John Street Pumping Station where the cycle is repeated.

See how DLWC is helping other buildings save

Bay Adelaide Centre switched from chiller-powered cooling to DLWC, which improved the buiding’s operational performance and sustainability.

15% less electricity purchased from the grid (enough to power 400 homes a year)

311 metric tonsof carbon emissions reduced

37 million litres of water saved annually

See more buildings saving with DLWC

DLWC may be right for your facility if:

You own or operate one of the following:

  • Data centre
  • Hotel or restaurant
  • Office tower
  • Multi-residential building
  • Healthcare facility
  • Educational institution
  • Entertainment facility
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Your building:

  • Has a central cooling plant
  • Has an annual peak demand of 1 MW or more (2 to 3 GWh/year, based on 2,000 to 3,000 hours/year)
  • Is located in the downtown core in the area bordered by Bathurst St., Front St., Parliament St. and Wellesley St.

Count on Enwave’s leadership in innovation

Enwave’s DLWC system delivers clean, reliable and energy-efficient cooling to 71 buildings (and counting) in Toronto’s downtown core. They’ll work with you to customize a solution for your building.

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