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Upgrade or replace your older chillers

For many buildings, chillers are the largest user of electricity so it’s worth ensuring they operate as efficiently as possible. Any chillers older than 15 years should be evaluated against newer high-efficiency models.

Often they can be upgraded, but given the impressive efficiency gains in newer models, a full replacement may be your best option.

Available incentives

Up to $40,000 in EXISTING BUILDING COMMISSIONING incentives, plus up to 50% of eligible costs for purchasing and installing major measures in RETROFIT PROGRAM incentives.

Let incentives guide
your decisions

Save up to 15 percentYou may qualify for incentives up to $40,000 over four phases to analyze your system and make upgrades. Further funds are available for larger upgrades or replacements. With upgrades, you can look to overall electricity savings of up to 15%.

Proper maintenance
is critical

While considering upgrades, ensure that proper maintenance procedures are being followed to ensure maximum performance of your existing equipment. This includes daily monitoring of operating parameters, water treatment, cleaning of condenser tubes and looking for leaks.

Typical upgrades include addition of VFDs

Many chillers run at a constant speed, which uses much more power than necessary. An upgrade to variable frequency drives can dramatically improve performance. This can apply to even relatively new models, so it pays to investigate your current systems.

Which sectors can benefit
the most?

Buildings that have chiller systems typically include:

  • Large commercial buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Schools, universities & hospitals
  • Multi-unit residential buildings

Chiller Case Study See all case studies >

GWL Realty Advisors: Toronto College Park

GWL Realty Avisors
Incentive: $420,685.48
Electricity Savings: $259,446/year

Replaced three old chillers with two new high-efficiency models, and installed variable frequency drives throughout.

Read the full case study >

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