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up to 50 percent

If you’re not sure where to start, an energy audit makes sense. The AUDIT FUNDING program can help you identify your best savings potential. We pay up to 50 per cent.

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up to 50 percent

The RETROFIT PROGRAM pays up to 50 per cent of costs for energy-efficient upgrades to lighting, fans, motors, pumps, variable frequency drives and more.

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up to 1500 dollars

Stay tuned for a new conservation program for small business that will be launching in 2016.

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money for kW saved

A newly streamlined program for energy-efficient new construction or major renovations. Builders and design decision-makers qualify.

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up to 40000 dollars

Get funding to hire an expert to analyze your chilled water systems, install metering equipment and implement upgrades.

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up to 80 percent

This program funds up to $50,000 for engineering studies, $75,000 to monitor your usage, and 80 per cent of the salary of an energy manager.

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