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Now you can earn fees by helping your clients apply for RETROFIT PROGRAM incentives. Upon successful project completion, you will be paid based on total demand savings. 


Your Clients Depend On Your Help

The RETROFIT PROGRAM is broad in its scope, and the application is detailed. To encourage you to help your clients apply, Toronto Hydro pays fees to businesses like yours for every kW saved, upon successful project completion.

Only RETROFIT PROGRAM projects are eligible for fees. Get more RETROFIT PROGRAM details here.


Consider the rewards

For demand savings of 0 - 300 kW, you can earn a fee of $20/kW. For savings cumulatively over 300 kW, earn fees of $40/kW. For example:

    • Demand savings of 250 kW would earn a $5,000 fee (250 x $20)
    • Demand savings of 400 kW would earn fees of $10,000 (300 x $20 plus 100 x $40)


Even completing just one application for a successful project could earn fees. Multiply that by many projects and the fees could add up. Fees are cumulative and apply to your business. Make sure everyone is involved to earn the highest rate.


Become a qualified Applicant Representative

To ensure you're prepared for the RETROFIT PROGRAM application process, we are holding a series of training sessions. Please note that fees are paid only to qualified Applicant Representatives. To apply for to become an AR, email the completed application form to apprep@torontohydro.com. Upon your application approval, you will be contacted to book a training appointment.



Contact us at 
apprep@torontohydro.com or 416.542.3388.