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YOUR ROADMAP TO SAVINGS – Get up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit

Your roadmap to savings
Get up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit

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Think of an energy audit as a plan of action

You need to understand how your building uses electricity so you can set goals and target energy savings. We can help you uncover opportunities with incentives up to 50% for an energy audit.

We'll help you find your potential

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See where you're wasting electricity

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Get buy-in for capital projects

What are the incentives?

For Building Owners

Electricity Survey and Analysis

Get up to $25,000
We'll help you evaluate and prioritize your best energy-saving opportunities for an investment grade audit and fund up to $25,000.

Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications

Get an additional $10,000 back
For buildings greater than 50,000 square feet, we cover up to 50% for detailed project costs and deeper savings calculations for capital-intensive projects identified by the electricity survey and analysis.

For Tenants or Building Owners

Building Systems Audit

Get up to $5,000 back
Provides recommendations and simple payback calculations for non-capital intensive projects. Often, these savings can be achieved by improvements to non-lighting equipment, including:

  • Fans
  • Pumps and domestic water
  • Other distribution systems

Electricity Survey and Analysis – Tenants

Do you rent an office or retail space? Up to $7,500 available!
We'll cover up to 50% of the cost for audits of lighting, office equipment and plug loads.

Your first step? Contact Toronto Hydro's Energy Experts

We'll guide you through the process – and the paperwork.

  Review all Relevant Documents
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  Choose a professional energy auditor – see qualifications here
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  Submit an Application Package for pre-approval to Toronto Hydro

(don't start your audit until you receive approval from Toronto Hydro)

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  Conduct an energy audit
Message sending off quickly

Submit your results to Toronto Hydro
Email all Post-Application Package along with invoices and proof of payment.


(you'll receive an email from Toronto Hydro)


Submit your invoice for the approved amount
Email Toronto Hydro with an invoice for the approved incentive amount.


Get your action plan underway.
Contact a Toronto Hydro Energy Expert for no-cost technical help and to access rebates.

Your audit must be completed by a qualified, experienced energy auditor who is a:

  • Professional Engineer (PEng.)
  • Certified Engineering Technologist (CET)
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with at least three years of experience evaluating energy systems
  • Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) with at least three years of experience evaluating energy systems
  • Engineer-in-Training, under the supervision of a PEng. or CET, only if the audit report is signed by the qualified professional
  • Building Energy Assessment Professional, as designated by the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Certified member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) or National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), where a Detailed Analysis of Non-capital Intensive Modifications involves balancing water systems or balancing air systems

You may also qualify for these business rebates:

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Retrofit Program
Get up to 50% to upgrade old equipment

Talk to our Energy Experts about getting your energy-efficiency upgrades underway.

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Small Business
Three new incentive hhhprograms

From lighting and refrigeration to rooftop air conditioning, we have rebates for you.

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