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Please submit all Audit Funding inquiries to auditfunding@torontohydro.com.

Uncover your biggest savings potential. We pay up to 50%

A thorough energy audit can lead to substantial ongoing savings. We’ll help you understand how you’re using – or even wasting – electricity and prioritize your best opportunities to reduce energy costs. Incentives are available for all businesses types and sizes.



Leave energy to our experts

We'll take care of everything from start to finish — and the paperwork in between.

General inquiries:


Contact an Energy Expert directly


Four levels of incentives


Electricity Survey and Analysis: We pay up to 50%

We’ll help you evaluate and prioritize your best energy-saving opportunities for an investment grade audit and cover up to a maximum of $25,000.


Detailed Analysis for Capital Intensive Modification: Get an additional $10,000 back! Up to $35,000. 

For buildings with more than 50,000 square feet, we cover up to 50% for detailed project costs and deeper savings calculations for capital-intensive projects identified by the electricity survey and analysis.

A Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications (DACIM) project requires the development of an electricity performance model, prepared using building energy software. Before pre-approving a DACIM application, the participant or auditor must disclose the modeling software intended to be used. While there is no official list of eligible platforms, the following suggestions should represent the choice most auditors consider:

  • EE4
  • eQUEST
  • DOE-2
  • EnergyPlus
  • IES Virtual Environment
  • Hourly Analysis Program (HAP)
  • TRACE 700
  • EnergyPro v5.1

For certainty, Excel workbooks developed by the auditor will not meet the building energy software eligibility requirement.



Building Systems Audit: Get up to $5,000 back!

Provides recommendations and simple payback calculations for non-capital intensive projects. Often, these savings can be achieved by improvements to non-lighting equipment, including:

Fans >

Pumps >

Domestic Water >

Other Distribution Systems >



Do you rent an office or retail space? Up to $7,500 available!

We’ll cover up to 50% of the cost for audits of lighting, office equipment and plug loads.


Work with a qualified energy auditor

Your audit must be completed by a qualified, third-party auditor with one of the following qualifications:


 A professional engineer (PEng.)

 A certified engineering technologist (CET)

 A certified energy manager or a certified measurement and verification professional with at least three years of experience evaluating energy systems in buildings

 An engineer-in-training under the supervision of a PEng. or CET, only if the audit report is signed by the qualified professional

• A certified member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) or National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), where a detailed analysis of non-capital projects involve balancing water systems or balancing air systems


Additional Information

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Read Audit Funding FAQs >


Try a preliminary audit

Not sure where your building currently stands?
Download our electricity cost analysis template to see your month-to-month demand, consumption and costs. Then compare yourself to industry indexes such as BOMA Best and Portfolio Manager tool from Natural Resources Canada.


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