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Get up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit

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How can energy audit save you money?

By examining how energy is used, controlled and monitored, an energy audit can identify where your business could be saving in the short and long term. We can help you uncover opportunities with incentives up to 50% for an energy audit.

What does an energy audit measure?

A qualified energy auditor will produce a report that includes practical recommendations for equipment replacements, changes to operational practices and other ways to help you save.

Typically, an energy audit can:


Analyze your building’s billing and energy use history

Meter gauge

Compile a list of everything that uses energy in your business and measure their consumption

Magnifying glass over gears

Identify use patterns, peak demand times and anomalies

circles in a line, one is highlighted and moved to the front and changed to a star

Determine which systems present the best opportunities for energy savings

people connected by a circle

Develop a cost-benefit analysis to help you prioritize projects and get stakeholder buy‑in for upgrades

What are the incentives?

I Own My Building

Electricity Survey and Analysis

Up to $25,000
Up to 30,000 sq. ft.
$0.10/sq. ft. up to a maximum of 50% of audit costs

Larger than 30,000 sq. ft.
$3,000 for the first 30,000 sq. ft. and $0.05/sq. ft. for each additional sq. ft. up to a maximum of 50% of audit costs

Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications

Up to $10,000
For buildings larger than 50,000 sq. ft.
$0.05/sq. ft. up to $10,000 or 50% of audit costs

Building Systems Audit

Up to $5,000
50% of the cost of an audit, up to $5,000

I Lease My Space

Electricity Survey and Analysis

Up to $7,500
$0.03/sq. ft. up to $7,500 or 50% of audit costs

Building Systems Audit

Up to $5,000
50% of the cost of an audit, up to $5,000

How the program works

We’ll guide you through the process – and the paperwork.

Business man
  Choose an Energy Auditor – see qualifications
Message sending off quickly
  Submit an Pre-project Application and the auditors Proof of Credentials
      to Toronto Hydro

Important: Don’t start your audit until you receive pre-approval.


Business man
  Conduct your Energy Audit
Message sending off quickly

Submit a Post-audit Application, Energy Audit Report and paid invoices
to Toronto Hydro




Submit your incentive invoice in the approved amount when you receive
an email notifying you that your audit is approved for payment

Your Toronto Hydro Energy Expert can help you start planning upgrades recommended as a result of the audit.
We pay up to 50% for upgrades to lighting, fans, motors and more.

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Get help applying for incentives

Our qualified applicant representatives (ARs) can show you where to find savings, what technologies to consider and how to calculate your fastest ROI.

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What qualifications does my energy auditor need?

Electricity Survey and Analysis

Building Systems Audit

HVAC Retrofit: North York General Hospital View all case studies >

North York General Hospital building
Electricity Savings: $110,929/year
Incentive: $92,441
Payback: 2.4 years

An on-site Energy Manager provided by Toronto Hydro helped North York General Hospital identify and implement HVAC upgrades for significant savings.

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