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The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) was created to help individuals and/or families who are struggling to pay their energy bills. 

LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance is a year-round program developed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to assist low-income customers with their energy bill payments. Toronto Hydro funds LEAP through its rates. The program provides a one-time grant of up to $500 (per year) to eligible customers having difficulty paying 'past due' electricity bills. It is not intended to provide regular or ongoing bill payment assistance.

This grant is available to low-income residents who meet the income qualifications for the program (see below) and who have:

  • Recently received a ‘past due’ Toronto Hydro bill and/or;
  • Recently received a disconnection notice from Toronto Hydro.

To qualify for LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance in Toronto, pre-tax household income (based on a community size of 500,000 and over) must be less than:

 Size of Family Unit

 Pre-Tax Household Income (Community size of 500,000+)

 1 person


 2 persons


 3 persons


 4 persons


 5 persons


 6 persons


 7 persons


LEAP is delivered in Toronto through Neighbourhood Information Post, an assigned social service agency. If you are a Toronto Hydro customer in need of assistance and meet the above criteria; or if you have specific questions about LEAP, please feel free to contact your nearest local access centre: 

Albion-North Etobicoke
21 Panorama Court
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 740-3704

 Unison Health & Community Services
1651 Keele Street
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 653-5400

 East York Housing Help Centre
1350 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 698-9306


 Albion-South Etobicoke
185 Fifth Street
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 252-5990

 Neighbourhood Information Post
269 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 924-8083

 Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services
10 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 104
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 424-2900

 COSTI North York Housing Help
1700 Wilson Avenue, Suite 114
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 244-0480

 WoodGreen Community Services
650 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 645-6000

 Scarborough Housing Help Centre
2500 Lawrence Avenue East, Suite 205
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 285-8070


For more information about LEAP, including frequently asked questions, visit the OEB website

Information on LEAP is also available in different languages, including:

Toronto Hydro also offers the saveONenergy Home Assistance program to help qualified homeowners, tenants and social and/or assisted housing providers improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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