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We know that our customers rely on electricity at work and at home, and we're committed to delivering reliable service in a safe and efficient manner. In 2012, we delivered our third largest capital construction program on record to renew aging infrastructure across the city.


Our Reliability Record

Toronto Hydro evaluates service reliability through two main measures:
  • System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAI DI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAI FI). SAI DI is a measure of the annual average duration of outages for customers (in hours).
  • SAI FI is a measure of the frequency of interruptions.

In 2012, we saw a significant reduction in the average duration and frequency of outages. We
exceeded both our targets for the year, achieving 1.03 hours SAI DI and 1.40 SAI FI respectively.

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Contact Voltage Incidents in Decline

Although contact voltage incidents have decreased, we continue to use a mobile voltage tracker
to conduct frequent scans on streets across Toronto. We have also continued with Toronto Hydro’s
handwell replacement program. Handwells are electrical connection boxes that are generally located
below the sidewalk, with their covers installed at grade. In 2012:

  • We replaced approximately 1,911 handwells bringing the total to 7,502 since the program began.
  • We have approximately 4,200 remaining handwells and we plan to have them replaced by 2015.
  • We replaced more than 43 kilometres of underground cable bringing the total amount to more
    than 146 kilometres since 2010.

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Construction and Maintenance Work

Since 2006, Toronto Hydro has invested approximately $2 billion to modernize our distribution assets. In 2012, we completed the third largest capital plan in our history, and invested approximately $289.7 million primarily in infrastructure upgrades.

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Windsor Station services most of Toronto’s downtown core. Mario Arruda, a Toronto Hydro supervisor, tells us about the importance of, and challenges associated, with this station.

 The Cost of a Reliable Distribution Grid

Replacing our aging distribution equipment is a costly endeavour. Toronto Hydro needs to invest
approximately $3.2 Billion to replace assets past their expected useful life. We have developed a
long-term capital plan to address this and will continue to submit rate applications to the Ontario
Energy Board (OEB) to secure the funding to complete these upgrades. 

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Today, approximately 29% of our assets are beyond their useful life. Like this grounding transformer, which is one of the oldest in-service pieces of equipment at Toronto Hydro. This piece of equipment was installed in the late 1920s.


Improving Customer Communications

We launched the customer self-service portal in August to simplify our most frequent transactions
for customers doing business with us. Customer transactions that required a call to a Toronto Hydro
customer service representative can now be completed conveniently online. At the end of 2012, we
had more than 17,800 customer registrations, achieving 10 per cent above our target.

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