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Toronto Hydro's vision is to continuously maximize customer and stakeholder satisfaction by providing safe and reliable service in an environmentally responsible way. We believe that incorporating corporate responsibility into our day-to-day business practices will help us achieve this vision.

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2011 Corporate Responsibility Report


We have self-assessed our 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report to be at a level B+ under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index.

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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

This report was prepared in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines developed by the GRI-G3 Guidelines, integrated with the additional disclosures required by the Electric Utilities Sector Supplement (“EUSS”). This standard is internationally recognized as the best practice in sustainability reporting.

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2009 Corporate Responsibility Report

This Report does not use Global Reporting Initiative (*GRI*) Indicators as a framework, rather it uses a hybrid model that incorporates the GRI framework and benchmarking process, as well as the issues/opportunities structure. Assured indicators were selected based on their materiality and also on their relevance, given the Corporation's scope of activities.

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