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Message from the Chair, and President and CEO 

At Toronto Hydro, we recognize the importance of corporate responsibility and have been working hard to enhance our sustainability performance. We believe that a focus on sustainability will help to make our organization a great place to work and the city of Toronto a great place to live - now and into the future.

Sustainability is about integrating environmental, social and economic issues in our business. As this year’s theme – Bringing Energy to Life – suggests, we take great pride in our care for the environment, the social causes we support and our contributions to the local economy. Our efforts are highlighted throughout this report, written in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 requirements.

Living sustainably is becoming more prevalent in our way of life. Many of us are decreasing waste and improving our quality of life – opting for smaller homes closer to work, using electricity more efficiently, and driving more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Toronto Hydro is both enabling and participating in this sustainability shift. Along with increasing the electricity capacity for a growing urban core, we have spent the last couple of years downsizing our own facilities to make better use of offices and work centres, thereby decreasing our own footprint.

We’re also looking at ways to reduce our fleet emissions. With the introduction of satellite work locations across the city, we’re helping our crews reduce the distance spent travelling to and from work centres. This leads to lower fuel consumption, reduced risks for motor vehicle collisions and faster response times for our customers. These changes are good for our business, the safety of our employees and the environment.

We play an important role in promoting a culture of conservation and are proud that Torontonians are taking part in provincial conservation programs. In 2014, these programs conserved enough electricity to power approximately 23,800 households and diverted 17,817 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re also proud of our achievements in safety and staff engagement. We’ve seen an 82% reduction in recordable injuries over the last eight years and have one of the lowest averages of absenteeism in the industry. This is remarkable when you consider that during this same period, we’ve executed the largest capital investment program in Toronto Hydro’s history.

In 2013, we were certified to meeting the requirements of ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001-2007, internationally recognized standards for environmental and safety management systems. In June 2014, we earned the prestigious designation of Sustainable Electricity CompanyTM from the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA). At the time, we were one of just three utilities in Canada to receive this recognition.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, and our advancements are only made possible because of our commitment to sustainability.

Looking ahead, there is still much to be done. We know we have future challenges with more frequent abnormal weather patterns, which have caused service disruptions to our customers. We’re committed to tackling these challenges by implementing real changes to increase our customer service. For example, we co-chaired the signing of the CEA's National Mutual Assistance Agreement in order to ensure Canadian utilities work together and share resources to decrease our restoration times across geographical borders. This, and other concrete steps we’re taking, is focused on creating a thriving future for our organization and the communities we serve.

Thank you to all of the talented employees at Toronto Hydro for achieving another extraordinary year.




David Williams

Toronto Hydro Board of Directors

Anthony Haines
President and Chief Executive Officer

Toronto Hydro Corporation