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Interval Meters

Welcome to Toronto Hydro-Electric System's customer accessible interval metered data system.


Customers with interval metering (specialized meters, which register the customer's hourly energy use and transfers the information via a dedicated phone line to our office) can now access this information through their customer specific password.

The above system only applies if you have interval metering. You can determine whether or not this applies to you by checking page 2 of your Toronto Hydro-Electric System bill. If the first row has a column labelled "Peak kW 7:00-19:00" between Demand kW & Demand KVA, please see below.


To request a password for your interval metered account, please select and complete one of the forms below and return by fax to our office at (416) 542-3501 or email to thrims@torontohydro.com 

Personal Use

Click here when requesting a password for your own use.

Second Party

Click here when requesting a password to be released to a second party.

Direct Access

Click here to apply for direct access to your interval meter. This is only for customers with software for read only meter interrogation capability.