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PowerLens Business FAQ


What is PowerLens Business? 

PowerLens Business is Toronto Hydro’s online customer self-service portal for accessing interval metering data.

Who can use PowerLens Business?

You must be an existing Toronto Hydro interval metering customer with a demand greater than 50 kW to register for a PowerLens Business account.

Direct customers of Toronto Hydro can register as Primary Users. Third parties to whom Primary Users wish to grant account access must register for a Secondary User account.

What are the benefits of using PowerLens Business? 

PowerLens Business provides interval metering customers with the ability to independently access their metering data. Some of the features of PowerLens Business include:

·         Energy Analysis - the ability to view energy loads over time, see energy usage changes, correlate demand or usage with external forces and rank performance.

·         Load Analysis – the ability to determine how your facilities use energy, if the load patterns change over time, and when peaks occur.

·         Trending – the ability to compare electricity usage or demand across multiple locations.

·         Usage and Variance Analysis – the ability to view your minimum, maximum and average demand and compare your usage to previous time periods.

Can I look at multiple meters at the same time and compare consumption data?

Usage & Variance, Trending, and Energy benchmarking all provide the ability to view multiple meter data and compare usage. You can achieve this by selecting ‘Select meters’ on the left hand side.

Can I view meter data for other channels (eg. generated consumption from my solar panel)?

You can access other channels of meter data by going to the Trending section. Ensure only one meter is selected and check "Compare to other meter channels". Select channel two for kWh Generated. If your meter has other channels such as KWA, AMPS or Voltage, you may view them in this section.  

Can data retrieval be automated (eg. is there any API or web request integration available so customers can automate data retrieval by specifying login credentials)?

At this time, you must log in and download the data in order to view your usage. In the coming months, we plan on implementing a service that will automatically email you your meter data at a scheduled time.

I have registered for multiple accounts but I can only see meters from the first account I registered. How can I view multiple accounts?

You can view meter data for multiple accounts by clicking the ‘switch’ button in the top right corner. You can also use a wildcard (*) to pull a list of all accounts you have registered. You can switch the account you are viewing data for, or you can select multiple accounts.

Can my meter data be viewed with losses to compare against my bill?

Currently, data with losses cannot be viewed however this feature is currently being developed. 

Once this feature is implemented, you can access it by going to the Trending section. To view loss calculated data, ensure only one meter is selected. Check "Compare to other meter channels" and select channel 51 for kWh usage, channel 52 for kW usage and channel 53 for KVARH usage.

Can I aggregate meter data as a single meter point?

You can create meter groups which will allow you to view an aggregate meter data. To do this, navigate to the My Meter Groups section via the dashboard and then select Create New Group. Name your desired group and select the appropriate meters. Once the new group has been created, the new named meter will be visible under the ‘select meter’ option.

Does PowerLens Business impact Time-of-Use rates?

Time-of-Use rates will not be impacted by the transition from MV-Web to PowerLens Business.

Does PowerLens Business impact any of my existing services such as eBills or Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)?

Your existing services will not be impacted by the transition from MV-Web to PowerLens Business.