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For condo boards, suite metering is a simple, no-cost* way to reduce your operating costs. It’s fair for residents and a reliable way to control your energy costs while increasing energy efficiency.

Suite metering helps reduce overall costs

With suite owners responsible for their own electricity costs, condo boards are left to pay only for the electricity used in common areas. This means more predictable energy costs and significantly reduced operating expenses.

We’ll take care of everything

We make sure the switch is as seamless as possible – at no cost to you.* Our end-to-end service includes:

  • Initial assessment and system design
  • Project management
  • Installation of our state-of-the-art suite meter system by licenced electrical contractors
  • Scheduling the conversion at a convenient time with relatively little disruption
  • Providing a report to the board after the conversion, detailing the electrical consumption allocation between units and common areas to help calculate the appropriate reduction in common area maintenance fees
  • Account management, including meter reading, maintenance, billing and collection


Our customer support goes beyond installation

Common areas offer even more savings opportunities

As a Toronto Hydro customer, you will have access to substantial financial incentives to help you save even more electricity – and see bottom-line results. We provide funding for:

  • Energy audits to help uncover energy and money-saving opportunities
  • Lighting retrofits in garages, hallways and lobbies
  • New controllers on garage fans
  • Upgrades to chillers, boilers and HVAC systems

See what programs are available for your building

*Subject to a site review and approval


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    Everyone benefits from suite metering

    With suite metering, you pay for what you use.

    New condominium? We'll take care of everything.