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Net System Load Shape

Customers with interval meters (specialized meters which register hourly energy use) are charged based on their hourly load profile.

All other Standard Supply Service (SSS) customers (customers that have not signed a retail contract) are charged based on Toronto Hydro Electric System Limited (THESL) Net System Load Shape (NSLS). The NSLS is specific to the local utility, and is calculated by taking the overall THESL profile and deducting the sum of all interval meters and fixed load profiles (such as street lighting).

All SSS non-interval metered customers are charged for their energy use by applying the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) to THESL NSLS. The IESO posts the (HOEP) on their web site. Click here for further information.

Please note that THESL NSLS information is based on Eastern Standard Time, and reflects a minimum one-month lag before it can be posted.

The above calculation does NOT apply to residential, low volume and MUSCH (Municipal, Universities, Schools, Charities and Hospitals) accounts. The Ontario Energy Board has developed an "Electricity Price Plan", for these customers. To view information on current electricity prices click here.

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