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RPP & MUSH Sector

Regulated Price Plan (RPP) eligibility for municipalities, universities, schools
and hospitals.


On March 25, 2009, the government of Ontario extended the mandatory exit of municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals (MUSH sector customers) and other designated customers from the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) until November 1, 2009.

This extension to November 1, 2009 now gives all affected customers additional time to review their options for purchasing electricity.

In addition, customers are able to voluntarily exit RPP before the November 1, 2009 deadline and purchase electricity on the spot market.


In 2005 when RPP was introduced, customers in the MUSH sector with a demand exceeding 50 kW per month, as well as other designated customers, were given a three-year limited eligibility to RPP. Last year, when the eligibility expired, the government extended the RPP deadline for MUSH sector customers and other designated customers to May 1, 2009. The deadline has once again been extended until November 1, 2009.

What are my account billing options?

Once RPP eligibility ends as of November 1, 2009, MUSH customers have two options for how their account is billed for electricity:

1. If you do nothing, beginning November 1, 2009, you will automatically be moved to the market based hourly price, and be billed at the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) for electricity according to the type of meter currently installed at your facility:

  • Interval Meter – you will be billed based on your own facility’s hourly consumption profile.
  • Non-interval Meter – you will be billed based on Toronto Hydro Net System Load Shape. -OR-

2. You can enroll with an Ontario Energy Board (OEB) licensed electricity retailer and pay a contracted price for electricity.

*Please note, you will automatically be moved to market-based hourly pricing unless you enroll with a retailer as set out in Option 2 above prior to November 1, 2009.

How will this affect my bill?

1. You'll no longer be billed RPP prices for electricity. You'll either pay the market based hourly price for electricity or a contracted price for electricity, if you have signed with a retailer.

2. You'll be billed a monthly Provincial Benefit amount. This can either be a charge or a credit depending on prevailing market prices for electricity and the mix of regulated and contract prices for generation.

*Please note, as part of leaving the Regulated Price Plan, you'll be billed a one-time RPP settlement directly on your electricity bill.


Read the Frequently Asked Questions about the Regulated Price Plan.


If you have any questions, require further explanation, or wish to request an interval meter, please call our Customer Care Department at 416-542-8000 or e-mail us at contactus@torontohydro.com.