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Work Safety Tips


If the work you're about to do involves the use of cranes, trenches, dump trucks, boom trucks, ladder trucks, bucket trucks, augers, excavators, backhoes, scaffolds, ladders or antennas you will likely be working close to overhead or underground power lines. To avoid serious injury or even death, please remember these important things:

Call Before You Dig...

Before starting any work in the yard, call us for the location of underground power lines, especially if you're planning to use auguring or trenching equipment. Our service locators will confirm and mark any underground electrical cables.

Call Ontario One Call at 1.800.400.2255 for any underground hydro locate requests or make the request online.

Survey the Work Site

  • Review the job with your crew members, pointing out the location of all overhead and underground power lines within the work area.
  • Always assume that the overhead power lines are energized and potentially dangerous.
  • Carry ladders and other tall objects parallel to the ground to prevent contact.
  • And obey all safety signs that warn you of potential dangers.

Stay Well Back

Keep at least 3 metres (10 feet) between you or your equipment and our high-voltage power lines. Lower voltage lines can also injure or kill, but they're more difficult to distinguish from telephone and cable TV wire. Protect yourself...keep away from all overhead lines.

If You Strike a Power Line or See an Electrical Power Line

  • Remain on the equipment. Stepping off creates a path to ground and that could be fatal.
  • Keep others away. Don't touch the victim or the equipment while still in contact with energized power lines. Even walking close to the energized area could be fatal.
  • Call 911 or Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited at 416.542.8000.

We're concerned about your safety! Always think about potential electrical hazards.