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Service Repair Notices

Have you received a Customer Action Form (Service Repair Notice) from Toronto Hydro? This means that equipment on your property needs immediate repairs by a licensed electrical contractor.

alert Please be advised only an authorized Toronto Hydro employee or a qualified Toronto Hydro contractor working on behalf of Toronto Hydro can disconnect or reconnect services. This includes any disconnection at the meter. Toronto Hydro must be contacted to arrange for any disconnection or reconnection prior to commencement of customer work.

What you need to do Customers on partial power What's ours, what's yours

What you need to do

Toronto Hydro is not authorized to repair customer-owned equipment. If your base or service stack are damaged, they will need to be repaired by a licensed electrical contractor. For more information, view Toronto Hydro's Conditions of Service. Here's the process you need to follow before we can restore your power:

  • Refer to the CUSTOMER ACTION FORM included in your Service Repair Notice. This form will tell you what repairs need to be made and by when.
  • A list of electrical contractors may be found by visiting the Electrical Safety Authority’s website.

    Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

  • The ESA must inspect all electrical work. Toronto Hydro cannot restore power without first obtaining a valid ESA connection authorization.
  • Only Toronto Hydro is authorized to disconnect and/or restore power to your home. To request a disconnection or a reconnection of your electrical service, please contact Toronto Hydro at 416-542-8000 (press 4).

If your power has been disconnected — once the repairs have been completed by a licensed electrical contractor, you or your contractor must contact the ESA to arrange for an inspection. Once the ESA has inspected the work and authorized the reconnection, Toronto Hydro can restore power to your home.

If you have been left with full or partial power — you must have your power temporarily disconnected before your licensed electrical contractor can perform the electrical repair work safely. Once the ESA has inspected the work and authorized the reconnection, Toronto Hydro can restore power to your home.

Customers on partial power

If Toronto Hydro crews have made emergency repairs, your home may be operating on partial power. Your home now has limited electricity you must reduce power consumption until permanent repairs have been made. If you have partial power:

  • Plug in only ONE appliance at a time in kitchen receptacles. This includes small appliances such as toasters, kettles, microwaves and blenders.
  • Plugging in more than one appliance at a time in the kitchen receptacles can cause overheating and increase the potential for a fire hazard.
  • Washers/dryers, stoves and dishwashers will NOT operate.

Our responsibility and yours

If your home's electrical equipment is damaged, here's what equipment belongs to Toronto Hydro and what equipment is your responsibility to repair.





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Service Repair Notice

Conditions of Service