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Electrical Inspection

Some people like to buy a book and tackle an electrical project themselves. Others may have a relative or friend with a knack for electrical work. While it's true you can save money using the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, it's often not a good idea for several reasons.

Safety Must Come First

Shoddy electrical repairs can lead to deadly fires, shocks and other serious hazards.

More Complex than You Think

Many electrical jobs are more complex than you might think - just ask any novice who has tried to install a ceiling fan.

Minor Mistakes

Amateurs often make minor mistakes that can shorten the life of the installation.


No matter the project and your skill level, there are two musts for DIY work:

  1. Shut off the power
  2. Schedule an inspection

The not-for-profit Electrical Safety Authority inspects electrical work. It enforces the Ontario Electrical Safety Code - it's there to ensure your safety. Even minor installations require an inspection. For more details, as well as applicable fees, visit the ESA Web site.