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Power outages occur for many reasons and can last from a few seconds to hours or longer. These are the most common causes of power outages in our community.

Extreme Weather

Most power outages are caused by severe weather – high winds, lightning, freezing rain and snow, rain or flooding. During a storm hydro poles are vulnerable to lightning strikes while strong winds can snap off tree branches and down power lines. Freezing rain or snow can build up on equipment causing damage.

Equipment Failure

Although our equipment is regularly maintained and updated, problems can occasionally occur. Cables, connectors, transformers, switches and many other types of equipment can fail, and trigger an outage.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicles that accidentally hit and damage our power equipment can disrupt the power supply.


Wildlife such as crows, squirrels and raccoons are responsible for numerous outages in the Toronto area. When they come into contact with equipment or chew into a power line, this may result in a service interruption.

Cable Dig-ins

Construction crews can inadvertently hit a buried line or underground cable while excavating, resulting in an outage.


Neighbourhoods with large trees are more likely to be hit with power outages. When a tree comes into contact with a power line, either due to bad weather or growth, circuit breakers or other protective equipment are designed to cut off the power until crews remove the tree and reset the equipment.

Planned Interruptions

Occasionally, service interruptions are necessary in order to allow our crews to safely conduct maintenance or repair work. We try to schedule these repairs at the least inconvenient times for you and keep them to a minimum. Whenever possible, we provide you with prior notice before we interrupt service.


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