Regulatory Affairs 

Other OEB Proceedings (THESL is not the Applicant)


Regulated Price Plan (EB-2013-0273) 


Regional Infrastructure Planning (EB-2011-1143)  


Defining and Measuring Performance (EB-2010-0379)  


Notice of Application by the Smart Metering Entity for Approval of a Smart Metering Charge - AND - Notice of Proceeding to Determine the Appropriate Recovery and Allocation of the Smart Metering Charge


Application by Hydro One Networks Inc. for Electricity Distribution Rate Change (EB-2012-0136) 


Application by Hydro One Networks Inc. for Change to Electricity Transmission Revenue Requirement and Rates for 2013 and 2014 (EB-2012-0031)   


Application by Langley Utilities Contracting Ltd. (EB-2012-0102)


Application of Canadian Distributed Antenna System Coalition (EB-2011-0120)


Application by Hydro One Networks Inc. and Hydro Brampton Networks Inc.'s 2011-2014 Board-Approved Conservation and Demand Management Progrrams (EB-2010-0332/EB-2010-0031)