2012-2014 Electricity Distribution Rates Application  


On August 26, 2011, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited filed an application seeking adjustments to its distribution rates for three seperate but consecutive rate years beginning May 1, 2012 through to April 30, 2015.  The application builds on ongoing infrastructure and workforce investments required to ensure continued safe and reliable electricity distribution service, and prudent investments to accommodate the connection of renewable energy generation facilities and development of a smart grid in furtherance of government policy goals as set out in the Green Energy and Green Economy Act (GEA), 2009. The application is indexed below and available for download.

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OEB Decision, 05 Jan 2012 






Index / Exhibit List   

Exhibit A1 - Application Summary (consolidated, updated 30 Sep 2011)    

Exhibit B1 - Corporate Overview (consolidated)    

Exhibit C1 - Policy (consolidated)     

Exhibit C2 - Compensation (consolidated)  

Exhibit D1 - Rate Base (consolidated, updated 30 Sep 2011)     

Exhibit E1 - Cost of Capital (consolidated, updated 30 Sep 2011)    

Exhibit F1 - Distribution Expenses Operations & Maintenance (consolidated)  

Exhibit F2 - Distribution Expenses Administrative & General (consolidated)     

Exhibit G1 - GEA Plan (consolidated)   

Exhibit H1 - Taxes / PILs (consolidated)  

Exhibit I1 - Revenue Offsets (consolidated)  

Exhibit J1 - Revenue Requirement (consolidated, updated 30 Sep 2011)  

Exhibit K1 - Loads, Customers and Revenue (consolidated)  

Exhibit L1 - Cost Allocation (consolidated)  

Exhibit M1 - Rate Design (consolidated)  

Exhibit N1 - Other Regulated Charges (consolidated, updated 07 Nov 2011)  

Exhibit O1 - Bill Impact (consolidated)  

Exhibit P1 - Recovery of 2008 and 2009 LRAM Amounts (consolidated)  

Exhibit P2 - Disposition of Smart Meter Amounts (consolidated, filed 30 Sep 2011)  

Exhibit P3 - Incorporation of StreetLighting Assets - (consolidated, filed 07 Nov 2011) 

Exhibit Q1 - Impact of IFRS on Financials & Revenue (consolidated)  

Exhibit R1 - Interrogatory Responses on Preliminary Issue (consolidated, filed 24 Oct 2011,

                                                                                                    updated 08 Nov 2011)  

Exhibit S1 - Undertaking Responses on Preliminary Issue (consolidated, filed 15 Nov 2011)  



Exhibit A1 - Application Summary  


Exhibit B1 - Corporate Overview 


Exhibit C1 - Policy 

  • Tab 1 Schedule 1 - Policy Overview
  • Tab 2 Schedule 1 - Business Planning  

    Exhibit C2 - Compensation 


    Exhibit D1 - Rate Base  


    Exhibit E1 - Cost of Capital 


    Exhibit F1 - Distribution Expenses O&M  


    Exhibit F2 - Distribution Expenses A&G   


    Exhibit G1 - GEA Plan 


    Exhibit H1Taxes / PILs    


    Exhibit I1Revenue Offsets    


    Exhibit J1Revenue Requirement  


    Exhibit K1 - Loads, Customers and Revenue  


    Exhibit L1 - Cost Allocation  


    Exhibit M1 - Rate Design 


    Exhibit N1 - Other Regulated Charges  


    Exhibit O1 - Bill Impact and Mitigation   


     Exhibit P1 - Recovery of 2008 and 2009 LRAM Amounts 


    Exhibit P2 - Disposition of Smart Meter Amounts (filed 30 Sep 2011) 


    Exhibit P3 - Incorporation of StreetLighting Assets (filed 07 Nov 2011)  


    Exhibit Q1 - Impact of Accounting Changes on Financials and Revenue 


    Exhibit R1 - Interrogatory Responses on Preliminary Issue (filed 24 Oct 2011, updated 08 Nov 2011)   



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