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Sign up for peaksaver PLUS®  today to receive your free in-home Energy Display.* See how much the electricity you’re using costs in real time so you can better manage your energy use.

PLUS® works with your central air conditioner, electric water heater and/or swimming pool pump

With peaksaver PLUS® , a small device will be installed free of charge near the eligible appliances and will from time-to-time, usually on hot summer weekdays, cycle them down or off for short intervals. This helps us to reduce the strain on the electricity grid. peaksaver PLUS®  will never be activated on weekends or statutory holidays. 

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Already a peaksaver® customer?

If you’re already a peaksaver® customer, you automatically qualify for the free in-home Energy Display* when you agree to continue with the program (now called peaksaver PLUS®). Simply follow the sign-up process to receive your Energy Display.

Use the Energy Display to start saving

This easy-to-use portable device can show you how to consume electricity, in dollars or kilowatt hours. Find out how much electricity a light fixture or appliance uses – just turn it off and see how the display changes. This can help you conserve electricity and manage your bill using Time-of-Use rates. Making changes in how you use electricity can help you save up to 20%*.


Get the Energy Display free when you sign up for peaksaver PLUS® .



Winter 2013 Time-of-Use rates start November 1st. Learn how to program your in-home display.

>> In-home Energy Display Guide
>> Watch the video


or call 1.877.487.8574


*This cost reflects the commodity price of electricity only. This does not include the various charges including delivery, regulatory and debt retirement.


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®†TM† Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Ontario Power Authority. saveONenergy AND BE REWARDED is presented by the Ontario Power Authority.