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Toronto Hydro Corporation Releases its Third Quarter Financial Results

Toronto Hydro Corporation announced its consolidated financial and operating results as at and for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2015.

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Toronto Hydro and Hydrostor Inc. come together to launch the world's first underwater energy storage system

Hydrostor is a unique energy storage system that uses compressed air and the pressure of water to run its system. At peak output, it's capable of powering approximately 330 homes, while producing zero emissions.

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Toronto Hydro and the City of Toronto want you to report streetlights out

Clocks are turning back this weekend, meaning our days are getting shorter.  With fewer daylight hours, Toronto Hydro and the City of Toronto want to encourage residents to report any streetlights that aren't working.

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TORONTO HYDRO CUSTOMER ALERT: Criminals continue posing as utility employees and seeking payment over the phone

Toronto Hydro customers should be aware of criminals claiming to be part of its collection and billing department. Toronto Hydro is aware of this scam and reminds customers to report any suspicious phone calls to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.   

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Knock Knock. Who's there? Energy company. Energy company who?

If you are approached to sign or renew a gas or electricity contract for your home or small business, it's important to know who you're dealing with. Watch this video to make sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

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Toronto Hydro's Storm Restoration Process


Outages happen from time to time but you
can count on Toronto Hydro to work around the clock to restore service. Here’s the process we follow to make repairs.

Toronto Hydro Remembers the 2013 Ice Storm

Toronto Hydro marks the one-year anniversary of the ice storm with three extraordinary stories about last year's ice storm.
Watch Dave Knight, Karen Todd and Ed Pottinger tell their stories.

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