Balanced Scorecard 


The Corporation measures performance in relation to the achievement of strategic objectives by using a balanced scorecard approach. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are monitored throughout the year and appropriate actions are taken as required.


Corporate Key Performance IndicatorsMeasure2015 Target
Net income after net movements in regulatory balances ($ millions)Net income after net movements in regulatory balances per the Corporation's Consolidated Financial Statements$100.1

LDC Regulated Capital ($ millions)(1)

Achievement of LDC's capital work program $436.6
Productivity - Operating expenses(2) and other productivity related metrics Consolidated operating expenses (excluding some defined costs) and other productivity related metrics$275.6
Key Account Worst Performing FeedersTotal number of feeders experiencing seven or more sustained outages affecting key account customers, including momentary and sustained interruptions, in a 12-month rolling time period
System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) (in minutes)Measure of the annual system average interruption duration per customer served, not including Major Event Days (MED)68.0
System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) (number of interruptions)Measure of the frequency of service interruptions per customer served, not including MED1.5
Enhanced Online Customer Engagement (ECE)Increase in customer self-serve transactions/engagements using various self-serve options and media channels245,000
First Call Resolution Percentage of telephone enquiries resolved within one call, within a 21-day time period81%
SafetyNumber of recordable injuries x 200,000/exposure hours1.8
AttendanceAverage days absent per employee4.5

(1) This is a non-GAAP measure as it includes all eligible capital expenditures, net of capital contributions related to regulated operations excluding Copeland Station and the facilities consolidation program.

(2) This is a non-GAAP measure as it excludes demand billable operating expenses.


In 2015, the Corporation exceeded all of its corporate targets represented by its KPIs except the key accounts worst performing feeders, primarily due to an under estimation of the impact of uncontrollable momentary outages. Each of the corporate performance targets were reasonably difficult to attain and served to encourage success in the Corporation's financial and operational targets. The Corporation's ability to deliver results in each of the strategic pillars is managed through good governance around the balanced scorecard, short interval control and enterprise risk management.

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